Terms and conditions

General conditions

IventOne Tickets is an online ticketing distribution platform (physical and electronic tickets) by promoters (the event organizers) for the events they manage. By using this platform IventOne Tickets to place and order you agree to these Terms and Conditions and to the internal conduct of the event. IventOne Tickets reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior notice.

The content and software on this platform is the property of IventOne Tickets is protected by Romanian and international copyright laws. Any fraudulent attempt to copy / modify / download will be punished according to applicable laws. Any conditions that you wish to impose on this agreement are automatically excluded and will not be recognized by IventOne Tickets.

Placing an order

An online order involves performing the following steps:

  1. choosing the available tickets.
  2. writing down your contact data.
  3. choosing the delivery method.
  4. choosing the payment method.
  5. final verification, acceptance of terms and conditions.
  6. confirmation of the order by IventOne Tickets.

All orders are final and can not be canceled or modified later.

Payment methods

IventOne Tickets provides the buyer with the following payment options:

Payment online via credit card - After placement of an order you are redirected to the mobilPay payment page. The payment will be made directly to the organizer's account via a secure environment provided by mobilPay. IventOne Tickets and the organizer of the event do not process your card data and do not have access to it, the entire payment transaction is done by mobilePay, IventOne Tickets will only receive the payment status.

Payment on delivery - If you choose to receive your tickets by courier, you can pay the order value (in cash) directly to the courier.

Tickets ordered are considered valid after the full payment of the order has been made. In accordance with Government Emergency Ordinance 28/1999, updated in 2015, Article 2, point D, for activities for which the proceeds are based on fixed-rate vouchers printed according to the law - Tickets for access to shows, museums, exhibitions, fairs and gardens, zoos and botanical gardens, libraries, car parks, gambling tickets and the like, no tax voucher is issued.

Delivery methods

IventOne Tickets makes available to the buyer the following ways of delivering the tickets:

Electronic ticket - You will receive your tickets electronically (PDF files) by e-mail. They must be printed and presented at the entrance to the location for scanning and validation. In the case of printing multiple copies for a single ticket, only the first scanned ticket will be considered valid.

Delivery by courier - You will receive yout tickets by courier at the delivery address specified in the order. If the delivery address is incomplete or erroneous, and you can not be contacted at the specified phone number or e-mail address, your order will be canceled. We recommend opening the envelope and checking the tickets in the presence of the courier. Subsequent complaints will not be counted. A shipping charge is additionally applicable to this delivery method. The amount of this shipping charge varies depending on the delivery address.

Deterioration, loss, resale

IventOne Tickets is not liable if the tickets are lost / stolen / destroyed or damaged in any way after delivery, and release of copies or their replacement will not be possible under any circumstances. It is not recommended to submit in whole or in part, in any form, images or photos containing the purchased tickets and, in particular, the barcodes present on them. IventOne Tickets is not responsible for the use of copies of those tickets for access to events. Access to events is based on the principle of the first arrived. The first valid ticket verified at the entrance to the event location will be considered as authorized. Other tickets with the same identification data will be declared invalid and access will not be allowed.

The sale or transfer of tickets to a third party for the purpose of obtaining material or promotional advantages is forbidden. The organizer of the event may refuse the participation of such tickets to the event or may evict the holders of such tickets from the event venue.

Reimbursement of tickets

Tickets will be refunded only if the event is canceled or reprogrammed. Moving the event to another location in the same locality is not a reason for reimbursement. Event tickets, airplane / train tickets as well as hotel reservations are exempted from reimbursing within 7 days of online orders according to EU law. In the event of a refund, only the equivalent of the tickets will be refunded, the transport fees, the commissions charged by the banks, the air tickets / train tickets or the costs of the accommodation will not be refunded.

IventOne Tickets is an online ticket distribution platform (channel), each event is managed by its organizer and the actual sale is done directly between you and the event organizer. IventOne Tickets does not retain the money collected from the distribution of tickets, so for reimbursement you will contact directly the organizer of the event. Tickets sold through IventOne Tickets are the property of the organizers, therefore, the warranty policy does not apply. Reimbursements will be made only if this does not conflict with the terms and conditions imposed by the organizer or the venue.

Data processing and protection

IventOne Tickets collects and uses data for order processing and delivery. The data provided by you will not be used for any other purpose without your explicit consent. According to Law no. 677/2001, you have the right to access, to interfere with the data, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to appeal to the court. If deletion is desired by a user of IventOne Tickets, it will be impossible for him to use the services offered by this platform.

In order to process your data, this data is accessible to authorized personnel of IventOne Tickets and event organizers for which you ordered tickets. Where access to events is made by a third party of IventOne Tickets or the organizer's third-party service provider, only the ticket identification data (barcode, row and set, sector, price category, price, etc.), personal data (name and surname, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, etc.) will not be transferred. For events requiring nominee registration to allow access, the agreement and individual data of each participant will be requested through online forms accessible via links which need to be distributed to the participants.

Your personal data may be provided to the Police, the General Prosecutor's Office, the courts and other competent authorities of the State on the basis and limitations of the legal provisions as a result of requests made by them.